How to Choose Armrests for Your Truck Seats

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If the new seats that you've chosen for your truck fleet don't have armrests, then you might be thinking about whether to add them. If your workers drive for long distances or over rough ground a lot of the time, then armrests can make things more comfortable for them.

Armrests support the upper part of the body, keeping drivers relaxed and supported. They reduce stress and tension and keep the arms in a good driving position. However, not all armrests are the same. What makes a good armrest?

The Ability to Tip up

While armrests give good support in a driving position, some drivers find that they are in the way when they get into and out of their cabs. A fixed armrest sometimes blocks easy access to the seat.

So, look for armrests that can tip up rather than ones that are permanently fixed in a down position. This also gives all of your drivers a choice over whether to use the armrests or not.

A Range of Positions

Some armrests fix into place when they are down. They only have one position.

While this works OK for some drivers, a fixed position won't necessarily be comfortable for every driver. People who are taller or shorter than the average person won't find that the armrests are in the right position for them. This makes for an uncomfortable driving experience.

Some armrests are adjustable. For example, the driver can choose the height of the rest and, sometimes, its angle. This allows each driver to get all of the benefits of comfortable armrests if they choose to use them.

An Ergonomic Design

While some truck armrests are basic plastic armrests, some are designed to be more ergonomic. It's worth looking beyond the basics to find a more comfortable product for your drivers.

For example, your drivers' arms will rest more naturally on armrests that have some padding and shaping. Resting your arms on straight lengths of hard plastic for long periods or when you're bumping around in a cab isn't relaxing and puts a strain on the arms.

Finally, it's a good idea to buy armrests from the manufacturer that made your seats. For example, seats like ISRI seats include armrests in their accessory range. This ensures that you get an exact fit with your seats.

To learn more about armrest options and how they work, talk to your truck seats supplier. They can help you find the best rests for your drivers.

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