Important Things You Should Know About Semi-Trailers

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Semi-trailers are used mostly in the transport and logistics industry because of various advantages they offer over full trailers. This is not to say that full trailers are not beneficial, but there are sometimes you may require particular benefits that only semi-trailers can provide. Here are some of those benefits and other important aspects you need to know about semi-trailers:


Semi-trailers are detachable while full trailers aren't. This feature provides two main benefits. First, it offers flexibility when it comes to loading and offloading. The trailer can be detached from the truck head or tractor unit and moved around easily for effective and efficient loading and offloading. It can even help in reducing the amount of space taken up by the tractor unit.

Secondly, if during transit the tractor unit or driver cabin was to malfunction, another one can be sent and attached to the trailer. This ensures that your goods do not get delayed.

Attaching More Than One Trailer

You can attach more than one trailer to a tractor unit. However, the second trailer is attached to the first trailer with the help of a dolly. You might hear these kinds of trailers being referred to as B-doubles.

Semi-Trailer/B-Double Operators

You should know that not just any driver can drive a semi-trailer or B-double. Physically, they are not very stable, and care has to be taken. Only a driver with an MC licence is allowed to drive such a truck.

Design Flexibility

You may come across a fully closed trailer or a flat-top trailer. Different people have different needs, and you can choose any of the two trailers. The flat trailer offers more flexibility since you can transport a wide variety of commodities, including those that are irregularly shaped. Don't worry about your goods falling off; the trailers can be customised to help you fasten your commodities or cover them with a trailer cover in case of bad weather or privacy.

Buying or Hiring Semi-Trailers

You might realise that the initial cost of semi-trailers is quite high. Most people interested in starting a transport and logistics business might find this cost high. In the beginning, you can hire semi-trailers; you might realise over time that you cannot continue hiring because you would be eating into your profits. Save up and buy your semi-trailers slowly. There is no need to rush because owning a semi-trailer has some costs as well. These costs may include insurance, repair and maintenance. You will notice the difference between hiring and owning once you buy your first semi-trailer.  

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