3 Essential Tips for Purchasing Crushed Stone for Construction

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Crushed stone is an important material for diverse construction applications. In general, this material is used as a base in the construction of foundational structures, but it can also be used in building surfaces such as driveways and paths. Crushed stone is different from natural gravel. Gravel is formed through erosion and weathering. The crushed alternative is made by using a crusher to break down large quarry stones into sizes appropriate for construction purposes. If you are interested in incorporating this material into your construction, consider these simple tips when choosing crushed rock from your supplier.

1. Consider the Material

The crushed stones can be made from different materials. In simple terms, there are diverse rocks which can be crushed to form crushed stone for construction. It is important to select and purchase the most suitable type for your needs. The best choice will depend on your unique construction needs. However, you should also look at the potential total cost of the stone. One of the popular material choices is limestone. Limestone can be used in most applications because of its average strength and stability. It is also fairly inexpensive. If you would like a stronger material, you can opt for granite crushed rock, but the cost will be higher. Other options include quartzite, trapped rock and argillite.

2. Think About Application

It is essential to evaluate the crushed stone options in terms of application during purchase. In simple terms, the crushed stone materials available for construction are often treated using different methods to ensure that there are suitable for specific purposes. For example, if you are looking for stones to mix into your concrete mixtures as aggregate, you should opt for washed clean stone. This material has minimal impurities. Therefore, it can be combined into the concrete without further treatment. If you are interested in decorative stones, you should look for a product with colourful stones which have been sorted into ideal sizes for a good visual effect. Quarry process stones are rougher and suitable for general uses like fill and base material for roadways. You should also consider riprap and stone dust.

3. Evaluate the Grades

The grading of crushed stones usually refers to the sizing of the specific material after going through the crusher. This aspect is important because the performance of different size aggregate in construction will vary. For instance, large stones cannot be incorporated in general construction. They should be used in applications like culvert ballast. Small stones to fine particles are more compatible with concrete mixes, asphalt and landscaping. 

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