A Comprehensive Guide on Crane Truck Hire

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Crane trucks are designed to lift construction materials to extended heights. The cranes are a preferable choice since unlike tower and overhead cranes, they are flexible and do not need any assembly at the site. The extract below discusses the various considerations you should make when hiring a crane truck from a company like North Lakes Removals

Intended Use

Choose a crane that suits your needs at the site. For instance, you would be interested in the crane's weight limits. When handling large construction projects such as building multi-storey structures, choose a crane that can lift massive weights. While it may be a bit expensive to hire these cranes, you will complete the project on time, hence saving significant labour costs. How high will you lift the objects? The boom should be longer than the building's height to ensure you can lift items to the top of the building.

Condition of The Crane

Visit the company's premises, and examine the condition of the crane truck. Ask for an inspection report detailing when the crane truck was last serviced, and when its various components are due for a change. Visually inspect the truck. For instance, the tires should have sufficient thread, and the braking system should be fully functional. Check the engine for leaks and signs of overheating. The crane should be free of cracks, bends and rust. The boom should extend to its full length. The hoist chains, hydraulic system, drums and links should be damage-free.

Terms and Conditions of Hire

The crane hire company should have reasonable terms and conditions. Some of your primary concerns should include; 

  • What are the available pricing mechanisms? Reputable companies will provide a wet, dry, hourly or daily charge.
  • The company should provide qualified technicians to set up and operate the crane.
  • Work with a company that offers repairs and maintenance services.
  • The company should have a friendly pricing strategy. Inquire about deposits, cancellations and extra charges. 

Crane Safety

Below are a few crane truck safety precautions to observe; 

  • Choose a crane that can handle site conditions. For instance, crawler cranes and all-terrain mobile cranes can work in off-road conditions.
  • Staff and crane operators should have an efficient mode of communication. Flags and walkie-talkies are very effective.
  • The crane truck should be parked on a flat and rigid surface. Otherwise, the truck could sink when lifting massive loads. Use outriggers and secondary crane pads to increase support and distribute the crane's weight.
  • Beware of overhead risks, such as electrical cables and low-lying branches. 

The primary considerations to make when hiring a mobile crane are the crane's intended use, its condition, the terms of hire and pricing strategy. Observe the recommended mobile crane safety tips.  

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