Why a road profiler is a vital piece of earthmoving machinery

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If you work in the construction industry, then you will understand the importance of having the right equipment available to complete your project in a timely fashion. Having access to the earthmoving machinery you need means that you can be certain that each stage of the project will be finished on schedule and to the highest standard. In road construction and repair, one of the most commonly used pieces of earthmoving machinery is a road profiler. Here are three situations where you would benefit from having access to a road profiler, possibly from a company like Hydrapower Attachments Pty Ltd.

Stripping away life-expired asphalt

If a road surface starts to develop potholes, cracks or unwanted dips, then it's time for the surface to be replaced. You could send out a team of people to remove the existing road surface manually, but that is slow, backbreaking work. When working on roads, the priority is usually to keep the road closed for the shortest possible time, and that means using earthmoving machinery. A road profiling machine can be used to remove the top layer of the road surface, leaving it ready for the new asphalt surface to be laid.

Preparing the road surface for asphalt laying

When creating a new road, and often when repairing an existing road, there is work to be done before the top layer of asphalt can be put in place. Earthmoving machinery, such as a road profiler, can be used to mill the road surface until it is sufficiently smooth for the asphalt to be laid. Profiling machines are normally capable of a range of milling options, from standard milling which creates a reasonable smooth road surface, to ultra-fine milling that will smooth out all the small bumps and depressions in the road surface.

Removing rock and concrete

Working on roads and infrastructure is not always about laying asphalt. Often, you may need to lower the height of the road or level some existing foundations before the road surface can be prepared; this is commonly the case when tunnels need to be used by taller vehicles than they were originally designed to accommodate. The best earthmoving machinery for this task is a road profiler that will be able to mill down the rock or concrete until it reaches the desired level.

Whatever road-building task you need to complete, make sure that you have the right earthmoving machinery to complete the job the way it should be done.


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