Three Reasons Why Regular Inspection for Height Safety Equipment is Crucial

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The WAHA (Working at Height Association) in Australia enforces safety regulations and codes for contractors working at heights. It also stipulates the compliance standards for the type of fall protection equipment to use for maximum safety. This equipment requires regular inspection to identify and alleviate potential risks while working at heights. In this post, we shall discuss why your height safety equipment needs routine inspection. 

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Assessing Any Damages

The most important reason for inspecting your height safety equipment is to evaluate and find damages. Rusted or broken parts can present severe hazards to workers. Conducting full inspections ensure the proper working condition of your equipment. Furthermore, in case there are any repairs required, there are essential outlines to follow. 

Even if your equipment is still functional, this doesn't mean it's in optimal working condition. There is a high likelihood of a broken or loose screw on the fall protection system. When not fixed in advance, it can cause future problems for workers.

Replacing Old Parts Proactively

Just like fixing current problems, finding potential errors that can happen in future is equally important. An excellent inspection identifies old equipment parts that require urgent replacement before they break down. 

Replacing parts that are past their prime can help save more money as well as time due to breakdowns and downtimes. Additionally, it alleviates potential injuries to workers by handling the hazardous issues early in advance. 

Upgrading the Safety Equipment to Meet Changing Needs

Many companies upgrade their systems without planning on accommodation of new changes. For instance, you may experience increased production and require new fleet and systems to handle the transition. Also, you want to utilise the power of modern technology for seamless operations. 

A proper inspection will help you know which systems to acquire and whether they will fit into the existing ones. It all depends on the efficiency and regulation requirements for your company. Alternatively, you may decide a complete overhaul to upgrade to modern industry standards. 

Scheduling the Inspection

Finally, now that you have learned the advantages of proper height safety equipment inspection, how will you plan one? Well, it is better to contact your height safety equipment supplier immediately. Most of them have a technical team that have an in-depth understanding of inspection and repair techniques for the lifting equipment. They can assess, repair or replace defective parts instantly, which saves you more money and time. In addition, they understand all the WAHA regulations and codes necessary for a successful inspection.

To learn more about height safety equipment inspections, contact an equipment inspector in your area.

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