Key Earthmoving Technology Trends That Are Reshaping the Construction Industry

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Technological advancements are the order of the day in any economic sphere. They have taken centre stage even in the construction sector with the design of highly advanced earthmoving equipment. The results are a positive impact in the construction sector with increased productivity and efficiency.

Various factors have led to technological advancements in the earthmoving equipment sector. Two of them include the following:

  1. Increased exposure which has pushed contractors and companies to look for cutting-edge technologies to boost efficiency, profitability and productivity. For this reason, EE manufacturers develop high-end earthmoving technology to meet the demand.

  2. Introduction of global OEMs is fuelling technologically driven products such as automatic controls for earthmovers, cabin air conditioning and remote-access equipment, etc. As a result, earthmoving equipment now features the latest technology-based functions.

The following are two vital technological trends that are making a significant impact across the EE and construction sphere.

Intelligent Technology

Technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things) has given rise to automated monitoring systems for earthmovers. These machines now have sensors that help monitor operations, working hours, fuel consumption, idle time and GPS tracking, etc. With this data, companies and contractors can now set optimal operating processes, alleviate equipment theft and lower maintenance costs through self-test mechanisms. 

Intelligent sensors assist in identifying potential problems on the earthmoving equipment before they become severe. Besides, operators can activate automatic maintenance services by initiating work orders and task scheduling. EE owners can also use intelligent technology to measure things such as system pressure, engine loads and fluid temperature. 

Effortless Operations Technology

Gone are those days when earthmoving operators grappled with manual lever technology. Today, there is the introduction of the joystick control system that's effortless and comfortable to use. They have simplified operation, especially for heavy earthmovers like excavators and bulldozers. 

Also referred to as pilot controls, joysticks have boosted productivity by minimising wrist and arm stress. This way, the operator can work for extended periods without getting tired. There are different joystick controls and models specifically designed for more effortless operation on heavy-duty tasks. Productivity and uptime are highly essential drivers in the construction industry. 

Final Thoughts

There is a bright future for the EE industry with increased adoption of intelligent technologies. Earthmoving machines are now offering more advantages to owners and companies through seamless operations and efficiency. Better systems developed every day in the EE sector are making life more comfortable. With increased productivity, every company is rushing to acquire such better-performing equipment. 

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