Two Compelling Advantages Of Hiring Mini Excavator Equipment Over The Standard Option

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Excavators are one of the most sought-after types of heavy machinery due to the range off tasks they can accomplish. From digging to demolition, the installation of sewer lines and land preparation, it is certain that you will have use for this equipment for one application or another during a residential project. Nonetheless, standard-sized excavators are incredibly bulky.

Thus, if you have a small-scale project, you could be thinking that your only option is to hire a range of smaller sized equipment to carry out the work that on excavator would handle. But you would be mistaken. Fortuitously, you have an alternative solution without comprising on functionality by opting for a mini excavator. The following are a couple of compelling advantages of hiring mini excavator equipment over the standard option.

Effortless manoeuvrability

If you have never encountered a mini excavator before, your first time seeing it could make you think that it will not be capable of handling heavy construction work. However, do not underrate it simply due to its compact size. Since it is smaller than the standard options, it means it can manoeuvre through tight and awkwardly shaped spaces easily.

This characteristic makes it perfect for small-scale projects that are taking place in limited space. In addition to the effortless manoeuvrability, the compact size means transporting it from one part of your residence to another will be simple too. Therefore, if you want to undertake a project with as much simplicity as possible, then a mini excavator will be the right equipment to hire.

Cost savings

Leasing heavy construction equipment is not cheap. Although it is more affordable than purchasing the machinery outright since you do not have to factor in upfront and maintenance costs, it will still be expensive — more so if you want the latest technology. But, when you compare the costs of hiring standard-sized excavators with the price of their mini counterparts, you will quickly realise that the latter will offer you more cost savings.

Firstly, maintaining smaller equipment is more affordable than the larger alternatives since the mini excavators have less moving parts. Hence, the equipment provider will not have to recoup large maintenance expenses when they lease the mini excavators. Secondly, mini excavators provide you with guarantee fuel economy when compared to their larger counterparts. Considering the engine is smaller and uses less power than a standard-sized excavator uses, you will utilise less fuel and therefore save costs on this front too.

To learn more about excavator equipment, consult a resource in your area.

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