Four Things to Consider When Choosing a Crane Hire Company

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Choosing the right crane hire company for your construction project can be vital to its success. Here are some things to consider.


Most obviously, you will need a company that can supply the right crane. You need to ensure that the load capacity is sufficient for your needs and that it can cope with the kind of terrain that it will experience. You also need to ensure that the equipment is well maintained and kept in good condition. The crane hire company will be happy to let you see the service records if you are in any doubt. You may prefer to find a company that has newer equipment as it is less likely there will be any problems. However, as long as the cranes have been properly serviced and maintained, they should be safe and reliable.


You should also make sure that the company you choose has a good attitude toward safety. Ask to see their safety policies and make sure they have a comprehensive plan for getting the crane to the site and carrying out the task. You should also make sure they comply with all the relevant legislation and best practices in the industry. You do not want any injuries to your workforce or damage to your property, and you are paying for the hire company's expertise as well as the equipment itself.


Once you have established that the company has the right equipment and attitude about safety, you should look at how much experience they have. You need a company that will be able to answer any questions you have about the hire, and whose operators are skilled and experienced at using the equipment. They should be able to give expert advice on how to proceed with the project, which could save you money as well as improve safety during the project.


Finally, you should make sure that the crane hire will be within your budget. Make sure that you get a full and comprehensive quote before the work takes place and that there will be no hidden surprises. The cost will depend upon your exact circumstances and needs and so you will need the company to inspect the site before you will know the costs.

Which crane hire company to use is an important decision. Take the time to consider the above aspects, and your project should proceed smoothly and safely.  

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