What Are Some of the Pre-Job Safety Planning Steps That You Should Take When Using a Crane?

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You might have decided to purchase a crane to use for work, or you might be renting a crane for an upcoming project. If you're going to be making use of a crane, then you're going to need to think about how to use it safely. Typically, pre-job safety planning is an important part of using a crane for just about any project. These are some of the pre-job safety planning steps that you'll probably want to take when you use a crane.

Noting Overhead Risks

First of all, when you're using a crane, you obviously have to worry about the things that might be above your head and that might pose a safety risk. For example, you'll want to make note of where any power lines are. After all, you obviously don't want to hit any power lines when you're working with a crane, since this can pose a serious shock or electrocution risk.

Figuring Out Weights

Next, you should figure out weight-related matters related to your crane. If you don't know it already, you should find out about the weight restrictions of your crane. You should also estimate the weight of the items that you're going to be picking up with your crane.

Inspecting Cranes

You should never skip the process of inspecting your crane before you start using it, even if you're working on a smaller job. Make sure that you and your employees know how to perform a thorough inspection of your crane. Additionally, make sure that your crane is up-to-date on its professional inspections, and make arrangements to have a professional inspection done before you'll be using your crane, if necessary.

Gathering Safety Gear

Hard hats, reflective clothing and other safety gear are needed when you're working with a crane. Make a list of the safety gear that you are going to need, and make sure you acquire it before you start using your crane. Inspect the safety gear to make sure it's in good condition, too.

Blocking Off the Work Area

You will want to block off the area where you'll be using your crane. This is smart if you want to help cut down on the chances of anyone getting hurt. It's also a good idea to restrict who enters the area where you'll be using the crane so that you can prevent delays and issues when you're working. You may want to put up caution tape around the area where you'll be working to discourage anyone from entering the area, for example.

For more information on crane safety, contact a company near you.

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